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Who we are

We are Kraftlik: India's Biggest Gifting Solutions Provider

Since 2021, We have delivered happiness in thousands of homes all over India. Each order we receive tells a special story. It shows someone’s love for a piece of art, which is not only beautiful, but also gives a feeling of strength and confidence.

Come join us at Kraftlik Handicrafts! When you buy from us, you don’t just get carefully crafted items of your choice,you also help us in supporting hundreds of talented women. Let’s keep making stories of tradition, passion, and empowerment, one amazing piece at a time.


Thoughtfully curated 139,821 Gift Ideas. Get 2-Hour Delivery & Free Shipping in India.

Thoughtfully curated 139,821 Gift Ideas. Get 2-Hour Delivery & Free Shipping in India.

Our International Strategy

We areKraftlik: India's Biggest Gifting Solutions Provider

Welcome to Kraftlik Handicrafts, where each creation is a witness to passion, tradition, and empowerment. Our journey began in the city of Gurgaon in 2021, We wanted a place filled with creativity and confidence. Founded by Preeti Gupta and Chanchal Gupta, our goal is more than just making beautiful things; it’s about giving chances to women to showtheir skills and talents to everyone.

At Kraftlik Handicrafts, we mix Indian traditions with modern styles. Every item shows how we keep old crafting ways alive and support the talented artisans who make them.

We’re proud to support women’s empowerment. Our efforts have helped many women show their talents and become financially independent. We believe empowering one woman helps the whole community, and that’s what drives us every day.

Meet Our Founder

Preeti Gupta ( Director )

Does not change with the state, it changes with the town itself. When Covid confined us in our home and lockdown I used to get fascinated just by thinking about the diversity of art and craft in India. Variety left no choice of exploring the market ourselves, Kraftlik came into our mind. That was a tougher time for all of us, but it was the toughest for all these artisans. So, why not build a bridge, which can support these artisans fairly and give access to the beautiful items to millions of people from the comfort of their home. .

Chanchal Gupta ( Director )

I believe that our country has this spirit of celebration. We just want ways to celebrate and give happiness to each other. Here comes the Culture of gifting. So, we created a platform which gives you access to hundreds of such items, which are combination of beauty and tradition. It also supports the Make in India motto, because the alleys of our cities are full of such artists, who deserve platforms to support them and their creation. So, Kraftlik cater to both, our Culture and the motto of Make in India.Kraftlik is that bridge, serving you and supporting the artisans

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