White Matte Ceramic Serving Pot | Dahi Handi | Biryani Handi with Lid for Dining Table/Home/Kitchen (Random color, Set of 2)

White Matte Handi

Serve your tasty food with this traditional style handcrafted ceramic handi and enhance the beauty of your dining table. This handi gives an exclusive look and is adored by everyone being served. The lid at the top condenses steam rising from inside to water droplets, which fall back onto the food, making it moist and tender. The sides of the Handi are curved outwards, which help retain heat inside the vessel allowing the food to simmer and cook.


These handis are made up of ceramic material which is generally considered among the healthiest materials used throughout the home, from cozy warm mugs to tiled flooring.

Multipurpose Use

Perfect for your Daily and multipurpose Use – Cereal, Biryani, vegetables, Condiments, Rice, Side Dishes Other Desserts, etc.

Microwave Safe

Each handi is crafted to hold up well when used in the microwave/oven. No matter whether the temperature is hot or cold, the designs will never fade or peel off even after continued use.

Dishwasher Safe

All the ceramic items are dishwasher safe so you can sit back and relax while your dishwasher takes care of your favorite handi.Easy to Clean

These handis are easy to clean, we can clean them with a scrubber using mild soaps and detergents. Material is non-reactive with any soap or detergents and also resistant to hot or cold water.

Everlasting Color

Enjoy bright and vibrant everlasting colors on these handis and be tension free, as the color won’t fade anytime.

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